About Liberal Arts and Sciences

Nevada State College’s School of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers degree programs in the Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Business Administration. With more than 20 majors and minors, Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) is the College’s largest school.

Our 42,000-square-foot Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) Building is an advanced learning facility, specifically designed to support active learning in the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. It features:
  • An array of classrooms outfitted with “smart” technology
  • State of the art laboratory facilities, including flow cytometry machines, a fully functioning seismograph for detecting earthquake activity and a weather center
  • A newly constructed Finance Lab and stock ticker room with a 38' ticker, and 12 LCD monitors with live market and commodities data
  • Comfortable and quiet study areas
  • The Student Academic Center, staffed by trained, qualified tutors
  • An array of faculty offices, allowing students easy access to faculty and support staff
  • The Office of The Scorpion’s Tale, NSC’s student-produced newspaper
The LAS Building is located at:
1021 East Paradise Hills Drive
Henderson, NV 89002